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Enduro Terrain and Hill Climbing KTM 450 EXC

No matter what kind of racing or riding test you are doing, there is always something that catches your eyes. This time, it is with the KTM 450 EXC. The KTM 450 EXC has long been the best Enduro bike on the market. It has asserted itself as the best contender against the likes of Honda and Yamaha.  KTM has nailed the mix of trail and Enduro racer so well, especially now with the EFI on-board. Why is the KTM the most comprehensive and impressive bike improvement across the racing bike world?


Thanks to the manufacturing process, design and the better materials used on this bike. Literally, every single component used on it has been made lighter, resulting in weight reduction and makes it lighter compared to other bikes. The most important thing is that the weight has been shed off from the frame, shock, swingarm forks and all the engine parts to improve performance and handling.

Chassis/ handling performance

The new WP cartridge forks used on this bike are lighter and feature a new design that rebound functions between the right and left forks. All adjustments are made on the left and rebound to the right fork. The Xplor forks have improved lighter springs and valving and a new sealed and longer hydro-stop for better resistance. The new design generates less heat by slowing the piston speed down. The piston diameter was reduced, the total length and the shock stroke shrank, were all reduced for less weight and better performance. The is also a new swingarm that is lighter with improved shock mounting, improved flex characteristics and easier chain tension makings, all the possible weak points have been eliminated.

Controls/ ergonomics

Gone are the days of wiring and gluing your grips with new ODI lock-on grips. The KTM 450 EXC has improved ergonomics and controls for improved rideability and riders comfort. The new saddle has a nice grippy cover making it more comfortable. It has a new stylish head mask that no longer requires bolts and the headlights can be replaced for adventurous riding.

The combined effect of the suspension components and the new frame and engine is not just designed to improve performance, but also offer noticeably improved comfort with easy and quick handling and mind blowing performance. The KTM 450 EXC impresses with the great suspension performance, lightweight, and agile handling when climbing or racing through the terrain.

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