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Hi to everyone…..

Welcome to my first blog…. after over ten years with the Enduro and Trail here at Solmoto in Murcia Spain, we have seen lots of change and also better direction in running an Enduro and hospitality business.

For instance, one year we participated in doing an Enduro school with an ex world champion of Enduro, after a full morning of tips on techniques and lessons we proceeded to a ride out in the afternoon, at one point, having arrived at a rocky step section which only half of his school could actually get up, he continued to help the remainder of the group up through the section without explaining how to do it and where they had gone wrong, Isn’t that the idea of a school that people have parted with good money for?

It was advertised as a school…….Lol

Fortunately we (Solmoto) were there to help with it and it was not our school.

Then I saw a competitor advertise:-  I’m not a seven times world champion but if you want a top day out with great sections and scenery then I’m perfectly capable of that and you know what I believe him.

Bringing me to my point, Luckily we do have enduro guides that can and do take out complete beginners and world class riders and gives them all a good day and that coupled with great hospitality and good food, what more can I say…..our tours are all tailored to suit what the rider/s want out of it.

In short it’s not always about a person who has achieved great things in their career it is about getting exactly what you want out of your experience.

Until next time……

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